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April 04, 2008



I could never properly define it nor in blasphemy try to contain it. It isn't the collective consciousness. . . more like the selective unconsciousness or the latent language of stars and clouds as they draw things in and gently rain them back out in different form a slight playful shift in patterns of light and a new tang and texture. Always familiar in elemental earth-water-air-fire-spirit flavor, always blissful with new forms and incarnations of similitude. It is pixelly and colorful and silverblueblackgreyorange.
Things I'd forgotten that I'd sworn to never forget become re-minded and I wonder how you knew to put a certain thing - like this thing - here. But of course, you probably cannot say exactly why and if you think about it too deeply, you don't know except that while it was in your mind there was a lovely warm light.

I'd ask you how you know, but I sense that you couldn't quite say exactly why, which is how I know you know. And I struggle to express it but I can't say exactly why or how, but in my mind there is a lovely light and I hope that somehow I can tell that I know.

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