the same yest
Number One, Two, Three and the Invisible Guest
Michelle & Paul's Wedding Invites
george bush: cheerleader
rumsfeld: we know where they are
homeland security party: emergency supplies
homeland security party: front room
Student Radio Benefit Poster
The Chicken Ghost Camping Invite
Quilt #2
Dharma Egg
Quilt #3
Idaho Women Filmmakers: logo
Nuclear Family: print
How It Was Intended: print
bCreative: short film promotion artwork
Snake River Alliance "Potatoes, Not Plutonium": poster
DJ For A Day: party promotional poster
Homeland Security Party: invitiation
Local Grub: original logo
Midnight Radio: mix-blog header
The Same Yest "Intelligence Failure": cd cover
The Same Yest "Intelligence Failure": cd tray
Carmen & Stuart's Housewarming: invitation
Happy New: mix cd artwork, back cover
Happy New: mix cd artwork, front cover
"Sponge" Supa-Dupa Moist Cake: invented packaging
boozhwa, a journal of contemporary living: invented publication design
"Little Things": film promotion, poster
University Television Productions: '00 logo
"Entropy": photo illustration
"The Theory Of Total Blame": invented event poster
DJ Kitsue Show Promotion: online graphic
Posters copy header graphic
Yoga Shala: logo
Space Pearls: third dj event
Immigration Lawer, Maria Andrade: yellowpages ad
City Gardens: businesscard / logo
The Projectionist: businesscard / logo
Earthly Delights: double-sided businesscards / logos
Idaho Community Radio: blog graphic
Local Grub: doorhanger, front & back
Local Grub: 07 brochure, inside
Local Grub: 07 brochure, outside